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155th anniversary of the birth of dervishes Iljas-Skrapar (1875-2020)

Bismilahi Rrahmani Rrahim!
In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful!

Dear brothers, clerics and Bektashi believers of Albania!
Dear clerics, myhibans and benefactors of Skrapar’s grandmother!
On September 19, 1875, 155 years ago, the enlightened dervish Iljas from Vërzhezha of Skrapar was born. He belongs to that rare generation of personalities in the history of Albanian Bektashism, who led by the apprentice of Haxhi Bektash Veliu, with their words, deeds, lives, have left indelible traces wherever they have served. Such was the dervish Iljas who spent his whole life for religion and homeland we have his traces all over the South of Albania, a rare survivor, he made roads, bridges, taps and built the Kulmak tekke in Tomorr and turned it into a memorial, host, rare resting place giving fame to the nationwide and world pilgrimage to Çukën Abaz Ali of Tomorri. No one better than the clergy had felt and understood that Mount Tomorri, the one who carries on his shoulder, the tomb-legend of Abaz Ali, had to carry in his chest a tekke, an eternal resting place for the souls of pure Bektashi. The clerics who followed in the tekke of Kulmak continued the path of the IIjas dervishes as father Ali Tomorri, father Hysen Malaj, father Sejdin Canaj, father Riza Gllaniku, father Muhameti, dervish Meleq Qato, dervish Mehdi Qato etc. Today we commemorate the 155th anniversary of the birth of dervishes Iljas, this immense Bektashi calendar gave light, heart, devotion, freedom, love, brotherhood and unity to all Albanians. The glory of the Iljas dervish tekke has not faded, but is preserved and transmitted today from generation to generation, with the love that goes to God, the homeland, the family. of world Bektashism.

Sisters and brothers!
The 155th anniversary of the birth of dervishes Iljas is not just a trend towards the history of the faith to which we belong. But something more. It is the call within us that the bright traces, not only should not be left to flourish, but on the contrary, to walk on them, to be inspired by them, giving life and liveliness to Bektashism itself in Albania and in the world.
Honor and respect for the life and work of the dervish Iljas.
Honor and respect for the dervishes and fathers who served in the tekke of Kulmak!
Honor and respect to all those myhib and benefactors who kept alive the memory of this tekke!

God bless you all!


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