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Bektashi Congresses

1 st CONGRESS, Prishtinë, 17.01.1921

The Fraternal Bektashi Council has put Autoqefalinë in the first Congress. The Bektashi were the first ones to discontinue the connections of the leading from outside.

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THE 2 ND CONGRESS, Gjirokastër, 9.07.1924

In the 2 nd Congress, it was put the first step that the faith should be preached in native language.

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THE 3 RD CONGRESS, Korçë, 26.09.1929

In the 3 rd Congress it was decided that the Kryegjyshata to be settled in Albania led by Sali Njazi Dede, wha has benn world leader in Kryegjysh Botëror in Haxhi Bektash in Turkey, and also the opening of a school for the preparation of the bektashi cler.

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THE 4 TH CONGRESS, Tiranë, 02.05.1945

In the 4 th Congress it was given the idea of a bektashi world congress.

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THE 5 TH CONGRESS, Tiranë,16.04.1950

THE 6 TH CONGRESS, Tiranë, 19 - 20.07.1993

In the 6 th Congress the attention was put in the resurrection of the cults and the unfoldement of the bektashi values.

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THE 7 TH CONGRESS, Tiranë 23 - 24 September 2000

1. The common attitude with regard to equalizing the Bektashi with the Islamic doctrine and the teachings of Ehli-Bejt.
2. The necessity of organizing and collaboration of the three hundred and fifty millions of alevians wherever they are in the world.
3. The publication of a Multilanguage magazine that can make known the philosophic thinking of Islam, Quran and Ehli-Bejt.
4.Organising near the Bektashi Kryegjyshata in Tiranë of one school, where the participants will know the depth and greatness of the teaching of Ehli-Bejt and the Hynqar Hajji Bektash Veli, aiming that an institute of Ehli-Bejt will be raised in the future in Albania.
5. The dispatch of a letter to the Chief of Parliament of Turkey and to the Minister for the Culture and the Religious Affairs, to see the possibility to interfere in order for the Wholly Dërgjahu of Hynqar Hajji Bektash Veli, not to be kept closed as a simple museum object, but to see again the door of Our Great Pir.

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THE 8 TH CONGRESS, Tiranë, 21 September 2005