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A very rich artistic, theologic, and philosophic literature was cultivated in the tekkes of Albania which had a large and ancient network. The Albanian writing was flourished on this culturally rich foundation, although with Arabic alphabet.

Nasibi Tahir Babai, from Frashër, died on 1835, has written gazelle in farsi and Turkish. Father Abdullah Melçani, died on 1852, also has poetries in Albanian language. Father Hajji Haqi Ali, a deep connoisseur of Turkish language has compiled in one volume, two divane, that has written in Arabic and farsi. Father Selim Ruhi,is noted for a rare poetic talent. He has left written three divan in Arabic, farsi and Turkish. In the last years of his life he has written also Albanian gazelle. Father Adem Vexhhi, born on 1841, in Gjakova, who helped for the organizing the Convention of Prizrenit, is one of the great poets and bektashi fathers. Father Meleq Shëmbërdhenji, who has worked in the benefit of the Albanian National Movement, distributing Albanian books, has written beautiful verses with patriotic and religious spirit in albanian language. Father Ahmet Turani, who gave a great fame to the Tekke of Turan, in Tepelene and made it one of the most well-known in Albania, he had a great talent for the bektashi verses. Father Ali Tomorri, known with the pseudonym Varf Ali Prishta wrote bektashi verses and gazelle. He is the author of several books like: The history of Bektashi (1929), The Literatura of Bektashi  that contains verses of bektashi poets, translated by him: “The Bektashi of Albania” (1921 ), with prose and verses, Bektashi Nefeses and Gazele”. Father Sahu i Matohasanajt has written poetries with clear patriotic motives and Hadika of Fuzuli.

Father Hamzai (1882 – 1952), born in GJakove, has left many verses with bektashi mystic spirit.Father Xhemau. has been a man with culture and had talent for poetries. He build a new tekke in the town of Elbasan on 1927.

Baba Rexhebi

Muhtamameja and  Hadikaja translated by Dalip Frashëri

Nefeses of Nezim Frakulla

Father Meleq Shtëmbërdhenji

Tyrbe of Hasan Zeko Kamberit, Starje. Kolonjë

In the midst of the poets of Albania has the top place Hasan of Zyko Kamber. After him
come Nezimi, Hixheretli etj.

Manuscript of Ibrahim Hasnaj for Zenel Bastar

Grandfather Bektash Kozeli

Bektashian Nefes written by Grandfather Bektash Kozeli

Father Ali Tomorri