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Tetove Dedeliks (Gjyshata)

Sersem Ali Dede started founding his Holy Seat on 1538, in the outskirt of Tetovo. The Tekke was completed on 1548, which later took the name Harabati Tekke (sacred building), name which is known nowdays.

Sersem Ali Dede was in the post of the preacher and the leader in the Harabati Tekke until 1550. Sersem Ali Dede went to Hajji Bektash on 1551 after Headfather Shah Kalenderi passed away, and he remained in the post of Headfather on 1569 with his passing away.

With the passing away on March 2006 of Father Tahir Emin, Haji Baba Edmond Brahimaj was nominated as the Grandfather of the Bektashi Dedeliks (Gjyshata) in Macedonia. His contribution in this Dedeliks (Gjyshate) was in the field of the organizing the religious communities there, and also in the field of the international recognition.

Haji Baba Edmond Brahimaj has manifested in Korca and Tetovo alike the promonent qualities of the Bektashian cler in the religious, moral and social aspects, transforming himself into the factor of tolerance between other religions. He was highly praised and considered by the governments of Albania and Macedonia and civic societies. The diplomatic corp accredited in Scopia, has highly appreciated his attributes as religious leader, especially the pacific role in the Harabati Father and the wisdom and intelligence with which he faced the discrimination toward the Bektashi Community.