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Tomorr Mountain and the Traces of Abaz Ali

This mountain is not like the others, but it is a vision. It stands on the shallow hilly level all alone, without rivals and without a second one like it. It is a protective wall for the great castle, which side fall craggy. It is a sacred and holy mountain.

Friedrich Walisch

The moon disappeared by revealing the wide Tomorr from far. The journey was becoming always more interesting because Tomorr is a wonderful mountain… The field was becoming always more beautiful, while the sun was immersing in the horizon and the great monarch, the mountain of Tomorr was clouded between the red majesty…there was no more wonderful panorama than the one of this field, while the great Tomorr was overshadowing while the light was fading away.

Edward Lear

Tomorr became the symbol of unification and fraternity of Albanians during the National Renaissance.
There was a tekke (Dervishije) during 1908 – 1909, which was burned by the Greek andarts on The new tekke of Kulmak was rebuilt on 1915 – 1916 by Dervish Iliaz. But after the foundations raised by Dervish Iljaz on 1916, close to this sanctified place from the national point of view and religious point of view, Tomorr became a place of paramount importance for the bektashee believers and for all Albanians also.

Father Ali Tomorri 

Here, in this mountain, in the chest of God, men, takes His protection by praying, feels and believes the truth, extinguishes the thirst of love, takes the spring breeze in his soul.

Haji Dede Reshat Bardhi

He was the door of the mercy and the assistance for the need during all his life. His eyes were sweet and loving and even if someone was busy with Hesejnin(a.s.), he should pass from the path of Abaz Ali(a.s.).

Haji Dede Baba Edmond Brahimaj

Every year on August 20-25, thousands of pilgrims are coming in the mountain of Tomorr from Albania, Kosovo, FYROM, Italy, Greece and USA.


Father Haji from the tekke of Haji Bektash (Turkey) came on XV century in the mountain of Tomorr, to build the symbolic, kenotaf tomb of Ali, in the hight of 2417m, where his mekal was raised later on.

 Ali took over Tomorr
He came to live with us,
Albania has no longer afflicted for

God came to love it

Naim Frashëri


Ali was born on October 4th, of the year 648 and was raised by a family that was center of knowledge and science. He took knowledge from Imam Ali(a.s.), Imam Hassani(a.s.) and Imam Husayn(a.s.). Ali represents the justice, the divine purity of Allah for all mankind. His act testified the war toward the evil, deception, Yezid, Muawijah, Sufjan and Devil. The martyrs of Karbala gave hope for the future and the infinite potentials of the hope. This was their message and the message of Ali who was martyred at the age of 35 in the battle of Karbala.

 The vow “For the father Tomorr” has been spread in the whole country from the people of both religions. In the same way, it has been spread the thought that here it has been a cult place since the Ancientness. Our great poet Naim bej Frashëri, has given a poetic formulation to this thought in one of his poetries that treats the history of our country: “Herodoti says / There was a time, / God in Tomor/ had His house”. The poet thinks that the famous Dodona who lived in the feet of a mountain called Tomaros or Tamaros, has stayed also in our pinnacle. And truly, this majestic pinnacle it is as if it’s created just for sanctity. (the respective photo 1906)

Eqerem Bej Vlora



  1. The footprint of Abaz Ali, in dërrasën of Novaj.
  2. The footprint of Abaz Ali, in Dhores.
  3. The print of Abaz Ali, (dora) in Burgullas
  4. The footprint of Abaz Ali, in Taronin, Çepan.
  5. The footprint of Abaz Ali, in Dërrasën of Kajcës, Përmet.